Beautifully Handcrafted in Pakistan

In recent times, more artisan handmade jewelries from Pakistan have made their way into the global marketplace and Pakistani artisans are proud to showcase their creations to the world.

Nadia Chhotani is one such creative jewelry designer who works with her team of artisan jewelry makers to astound the world with their handcrafted rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches through the brand Argentum. A 4th generation jeweller, Chhotani came from a line of jewelry makers, where her family has an established jewelry-making family business, N.M. Chhotani. With the humble beginnings of a small retail shop in Karachi, Pakistan in the 1940s, N.M. Chhotani went on conquer international markets.

Argentum is Nadia Chhotani’s new brand line where she worked with various artisans in a studio housed by one of the oldest buildings in Karachi. Through supplying Argentum fine jewelry to World Shoppe, a fair trade focused online shop Chhotani  provides artisans with the opportunity to showcase their handcrafted jewelries such as rings, earrings, necklaces etc that display great craftsmanship and uniqueness. Having a jewelry designer that comes from a background rich in jewelry-making heritage, Chhotani gives Argentum an advantage in the global marketplace.

At Pakistan Handmade 2010, a fair that brought entrepreneurial Paskani designers together to showcase their works to potential buyers, Chhotani was given the opportunity to showcase Argentum and what she and her team of artisans have come up with.

About the craftsmanship of jewelries on display at Pakistan Handmade, Chhotani said, “With absolutely zero expectations, the buyers were definitely taken by surprise by the quality of products and professionalism of 24 Pakistani women entrepreneurs.”

In a conflict-filled country, it is a wonder that lives are not at standstill but continuously seeking hope and progress through the handiworks of their hands.

Staying in Pakistan despite it being a warzone was what Chhotani felt, her responsibility and mandate. Instead of ditching her country, she decided she needed to make a difference in her “own limited personal capacity”.

Chhotani said, “I knew what my responsibility was – my language was my product, quality and service and for my buyers – I was Pakistan and Argentum, proudly made in Pakistan.”

Perhaps this is what she sees as her own part to play, and by training up the next generation of artisans like herself, do her part to preserve her heritage and culture.

Handcrafted rings by Argentum designer Nadia Chhotani and her team of artisan

Handcrafted rings by Argentum designer Nadia Chhotani and her team of artisan. Photo: World Shoppe

You can see Chhotani’s works and designs and the amount of details that go into each fine piece of jewelry. Take these rings for example. They are exquisite in design, tastefully handcrafted and distinctively Pakistani in flavor.

Argentum artisan handmade jewelry from Pakistan can be purchased through World Shoppe.


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