Testing and Quality Assurance of Key Leashes

shirley with a white key leash

Dr. Shirley is no ordinary dog, she is a world-renowned expert in testing and quality assurance of key leashes.  As you can see here, she is testing our White Key Leash (with the key attached).  While this may be very confusing for many of you out there because dogs have leashes, and we are making leashes (for keys) so you might ask, why not keep the two worlds separate and simple… But what is the fun in that.  We welcome you to embrace the confusion and make sense of it all.

Unleashing Jenifer Martinez!

Jenifer Martinez, from the land of the Red Sox, a hard core Bostonian sans the pahk-yer-cah-in-the-hahvid-yahd accent, is now powering up LeashNY.  As you can see, the main reason of her expression of uncontainable joy and love is her new Valentine’s Leash “Leash in the Color of Love”.  LeashNY (hearts) Jenifer.  As for our Red Sox Yankees differences, we will let our high-priced ball player settle score on those.

Unleashing Jenifer