NY Unleashed – Love is In the Air and On the Road

Signs of valentine’s day are upon us and heart-shaped sightings are about to equal the number of UFO reports.  But unlike the shaky, grainy and suspiciously out-of-focus flying-saucer pictures, we show you the evidence with our iPhones and Droids, but only within the limits of technology and people’s patience in NYC allows.  We try to take quick walk-by pictures since we do not have the luxury tourists in NY have, e.g. sudden stops, huge cameras and unlimited time to take the pictures.  As residents, we have to dodge, snap and move.

Here is a beautiful ribbon on the road, expressing its feelings for the passers by.  It would be fun to have a key leash this color, our orange leash comes as close as a leather leash can :)

From NYC with Love – Sharon :)


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