Drama UnLeashed – Doggie Moms Dog Leash Giveaway From NY Fashion Week

Fashion week in NYC brought all sorts of people and give-aways.  What we got our hands on was a leash from the new show “Doggie Moms“.  It couldn’t have been a better freebee as we are all about dogs and leashes, but NOT about dog-leashes.  Even though our key leashes could be used on a few weeks old puppy, we wouldn’t recommend it unless your fido insists on Italian Leather.

Given the hype about the show, we would have expected a better quality leash but as a giveaway i think it is fine.  If we were to get into doggie leash business (no rumors aren’t true) then this would NOT be the kind of leash we would make.  It would have to have a whole lot more style and personality.  This leash claims to “Unleash Drama”, but does it really?

Drama Unleashed


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