Key Leash – What is it and How to Use it

A Key Leash allows you to keep your keys where you can easily find them.  By hooking your keys to a key leash and then snapping the end of the key leash to your bag, you can easily pull them out of the bag when you need them instead of digging for them at the bottom of your handbag.  You avoid unnecessary wait and frustration trying to get into your house/office or car.  Your keys are available with just the pull on the key leash.

Long enough for convenient use

The leash is long enough to not require removal (unsnapping) of the leash.  You just just pull them and use them on most door knobs/car doors.


Key leashes come in a variety of styles and materials.  We focus on hand-making our leashes from the highest quality materials (Italian leather).

How to use the key leash

  1. Hook your keys
  2. Snap the leash to your bag or your belt buckle
  3. Drop your keys inside your bag, purse, or pocket

Where do i Find a key leash?



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