Packaging – Introducing the Tin Can

Cellophane bag for key leashWe had been using Cellophane to pack and ship our key leashes as shown below.  It worked out well, shipping was simple and straightforward,the key leash fit in a standard envelope and didn’t require any bubble wrapping as the key leash and hardware cannot be damaged easily, unless you go at it with a hammer or go postal with a weapon (no pun).  But we knew something was missing… The cellophane bag was not an appropriate package for this high quality key leash.  So we out on a hunt to look for better ways to package it.

Since packaging is often the first (and can be the last if not done right) contact a customers will have with our product, we wanted to convey a few important attributes of our product through it:

  1. Quality – the packaging must allow clear visibility of the key leashes, short of being able to touch it
  2. Special – key leashes are genuine Italian leather, it shouldn’t be in a cheap wrapping, the packaging should be as special as what it holds
  3. Practical – like the key leash, the packaging must also have an element of reusability and practicality, it shouldn’t be hard to get to the product
  4. Protected – like the key leash is meant to protect your keys from being left behind, or or lost/buried under your bag, the packaging must convey a sense of protection

The Tin CanBlack Tin Can with Key Leash

The Tin Can as shown below fit the bill perfectly:

  • It is high quality construction (though not hand-made as the key leash is, but hey, no one is perfect).  Brushed metal gives it the kind of surface texture that perfectly complements the key leash’s buttersoft leather (we notice that we use the word ‘buttersoft’ a lot; you would be too if you felt one of these).  The see through window allows you to see the key rolled up inside and the hardware
  • If the key-leash could speak, it would tell us how special it feels inside the tin can, and how much it likes this new home vs. the cold, emotionless cellophane bag.  Twisting the tin can to open and get the key-leash reaffirms the feeling that there is something special inside
  • The tin-can demonstrates practicality by being highly reusable – once your key leash is hooked to your favorite hand-bag with keys snapped to it, you have a nifty little container to put your jewelry in, or coins. It is also recyclable, much more than cellophane bag was
  • The sturdy construction of the tin-can also protects the key leash, and in return, we hope that the key leash will protect your keys
  • BONUS – we found the tin-can to have a very charming attribute, gift-wrappability.  By using quarter inch bows on top, they make a perfect gift! The bow will hide the view and that is precisely the point, it just increases the anticipation of what is inside, the gift receiver can see a little bit of what is inside but the surprise awaits

Now that we have tested the tin-can and used it to ship our product.  We are now ready to customize it a bit and make it our own.  Here are the things we are planning to do with it (i know, at this point you are probably thinking you are reading the “Everything you wanted to know about product packaging but were afraid to ask” – but worry not, we shall provide what your curious mind needs)… So where were we, yes, plans for the tin can… We are having the following customizations done:

Tin can with embossed logo sample

  1. The tin can will have logo embossed in the back, the embossing will be bumped inwards so the tin can will sit perfectly and not slide around
  2. We will have it made in two colors – Orange and Black, we can still use the standard tin color lid so that gives us several options for retail store display; some stores would prefer orange packaging, while others black
  3. In the back we will have our new slogan “Dominate your stuff!” because that is what we help you do with our leashes and other products we are working on
  4. Also in the back, you will have the “how to guide”, i.e. the Hook! Snap! Drop! graphic, so there are no questions as to how to use the key leash

How to guide - Hook Snap Drop

And that is about all we can talk about our packaging.  We are anticipating the samples shortly and soon thereafter.




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