Photographing the key leashes and handbags

This lightbox has been an amazing tool, it has allowed us to take some really good photographs of the key leashes.  Initially we thought that the lightbox may be too small to do the shots with the handbag, but we were able to manage a few good shots of the leash in its natural habitat – i.e., hanging around a bag.  Setup is in the picture below, we have 4 flash lights lighting up the set.  The picture below is one of several handbags we shot.  This one a golden key leash on a handbag with golden hardware – it complements it nicely.  We are pretty psyched about how the pictures turned out.  A bit of Jenifer’s photoshop magic and we will soon be live with the pictures.

Lightbox_photo_keyleashGold Key Leash on a handbag


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