Key Leashes Proud to be an Attendee Gift at the Luxurious West Palm Beach Conference at The Breakers

LeashNY Key Leashes were selected to be the gift for a high-end conference at the West Palm Beach Florida’s luxurious hotel, The Breakers.  Manufacturing Enterprise Communications, the event organizer, holds this yearly Leadership Summit which is attended by leaders of manufacturing companies globally.  This year’s keynote speaker was Terry Bradshaw.

Heather Holst-Knudsen, president of Manufacturing Enterprise Communications, selected the key leashes as the gift for the ~300 attendees because:

“Key leashes are a unique, practical and luxurious gift.  They are a good fit with several aspects of the event we are organizing – the audience and of course the location.  I own two key leashes that I use all the time and gifted several in the past to my family and friends.  Everyone I gifted the key leash to  loves them.  So i thought this would make a great gift for the participants at the conference as well, and it was a hit.”

Heather was also very supportive of the LeashNY’s mission of helping women’s education in underdeveloped countries where education is most needed.  25% of the profits from this order will be donated to a charity supporting girl’s education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Heather has generously offered to match the donation LeashNY will be making.

~300 key leashes were gifted to the summit participants.

We thank Heather and her organization for supporting LeashNY and the cause we are passionate about – women’s education.


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