Key Leash – Relationship is “key”

White studded key leashShiela’s friend gave her a white studded key leash as a gift.  As you can see, she uses her key leash for more than just keys, she has 75 different shopping rewards cards on it.  She says, “this key leash has improved my relationship with my keys”.

So if any of you out there are having mild to frequent arguments with your keys because of their rebellious streak, a key leash may be a first step towards a more productive relationship, however, if you know of a good key therapist, please let us know, hope it doesn’t go that far.

According to Sheila, the keys are now very easy to find as a part of key leash is handing outside the bag, and says “even if i throw my keys inside the bag in a hurry, they are easy to fish out because the white key leash is easy to see and feel”.

Sheila also says that her 2 year old niece loved playing with the key leash.  We understand, the buttersoft leather on this key leash is irresistible but more importantly, the little girl is showing early signs of good fashion taste and style.

We thank Sheila for being a loyal customer, a brand ambassador and giving her keys the love they deserve.  We wish her the best of luck in her PhD studies in Social Work at Rutger’s University.

PS. Cardstar is a nifty little app for iPhone and droids to keep your shopping cards organized


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