Drama UnLeashed – Doggie Moms Dog Leash Giveaway From NY Fashion Week

Fashion week in NYC brought all sorts of people and give-aways.  What we got our hands on was a leash from the new show “Doggie Moms“.  It couldn’t have been a better freebee as we are all about dogs and leashes, but NOT about dog-leashes.  Even though our key leashes could be used on a few weeks old puppy, we wouldn’t recommend it unless your fido insists on Italian Leather.

Given the hype about the show, we would have expected a better quality leash but as a giveaway i think it is fine.  If we were to get into doggie leash business (no rumors aren’t true) then this would NOT be the kind of leash we would make.  It would have to have a whole lot more style and personality.  This leash claims to “Unleash Drama”, but does it really?

Drama Unleashed

NY Unleashed – Love is In the Air and On the Road

Signs of valentine’s day are upon us and heart-shaped sightings are about to equal the number of UFO reports.  But unlike the shaky, grainy and suspiciously out-of-focus flying-saucer pictures, we show you the evidence with our iPhones and Droids, but only within the limits of technology and people’s patience in NYC allows.  We try to take quick walk-by pictures since we do not have the luxury tourists in NY have, e.g. sudden stops, huge cameras and unlimited time to take the pictures.  As residents, we have to dodge, snap and move.

Here is a beautiful ribbon on the road, expressing its feelings for the passers by.  It would be fun to have a key leash this color, our orange leash comes as close as a leather leash can :)

From NYC with Love – Sharon :)

NY Unleashed… On a Poor Audi

This Audi deserves warmer days. This shocking NY moment descended upon this car over a period of a week.  It was parked at this spot (conveniently next to a puddle – not a heart-shaped NY puddle) for more than a week.  Ideal temperature conditions turned it into a frozen slushy mess.

NY Unleashed on an Audi

Testing and Quality Assurance of Key Leashes

shirley with a white key leash

Dr. Shirley is no ordinary dog, she is a world-renowned expert in testing and quality assurance of key leashes.  As you can see here, she is testing our White Key Leash (with the key attached).  While this may be very confusing for many of you out there because dogs have leashes, and we are making leashes (for keys) so you might ask, why not keep the two worlds separate and simple… But what is the fun in that.  We welcome you to embrace the confusion and make sense of it all.