NY Unleashed – A Thorny Heart

This beautiful, solidly casted thorny heart caught our eye while window shopping in SOHO NYC. It is gold-plated pewter with a unique surface that demands visual and sensory attention. On the one hand, it compels you to want to touch it, hold it in your hand, but the thorns let you know how they feel about that. This dramatic contrast screams out the quintessential NY “tough love”, enhancing its many other (and probably just as sharp) interpretations as the number of thorns on it.

Thorny Heart available at Michele Varian (35 Crosby St, NY 10013)

Unleashing Jenifer Martinez!

Jenifer Martinez, from the land of the Red Sox, a hard core Bostonian sans the pahk-yer-cah-in-the-hahvid-yahd accent, is now powering up LeashNY.  As you can see, the main reason of her expression of uncontainable joy and love is her new Valentine’s Leash “Leash in the Color of Love”.  LeashNY (hearts) Jenifer.  As for our Red Sox Yankees differences, we will let our high-priced ball player settle score on those.

Unleashing Jenifer