We are a SOHO NYC based fashion accessory company.  Our mission is to make fashionable and practical accessories that keep your valuables connected to you.  So you never have to say “Where the hell are my keys” again.

Mission – create stylish products to “Dominate Your Stuff”.


The key leash idea was inspired by a simple observation that most handbags make it hard to keep things organized and most often finding keys turns into an annoyance whenever they are needed the most.  Most solutions, e.g. lanyards and strings, that address this “where the hell are my keys” miss two critical attributes: 1) Style, and 2) Usability.  We aim to address both in our products.

Style – We use premium Italian Lamb leather to hand-make each key-leash in New York.  We use trendy colors and finishes to make the leashes elements of one’ style statement.  Style also extends to packaging and branding that carries over to our presence on the web.  ”Its Buttersoft” is the most uttered reaction when customers hold the key leash in their hands the first time.

Usability – To make the Key Leashes usable, we ensure that each leash is long enough to enable key access and usage without unsnapping/unhooking the leashes from the bag.  Snaps allow the leash to be removed and snapped onto a different bag.  Furthermore, a double-snap configuration (patent pending) allows for the Key Leash to be shortened and worn on the wrist or used on a shallower handbag.

Unleash Education

A key part of our founding principle is to unleash human potential that enriches lives, whether it be in the creative endeavors, or community service, we are deeply committed to supporting it.  Our “Unleash Education” campaign is founded on this very principle.  It is our way to make an impact.


Sharon Ryan

Sharon is the Chief Leash Designers.  All the leather and components are handpicked by her.  She is a native New Yorker trained in accessory design and photo styling.  She has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years.  Her clients include Nieman Marcus, IN Style magazine, Glamour and Victoria’s Secret.


Does a little bit of everything and wears a white leash with his jeans.


No one knows more about leashes than Shirley.  She is our resident expert on anything about leashes.  She oversees all aspects of design and operations and has the veto power.  We try to keep her happy.  Here she is, testing out a white leash (please do not try it at home… definitely do not try it outside your home):

Shirley wearing a white key leash